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  1. So, what is Trilliant all about?

    We are all about establishing pools of Crypto-ATM's and letting everyone participate in the lucrative business by owning Fractional Ownership Units (or FOUs).

  2. That sounds great! How does it work?

    Participating in the token sale will get you the TRIL token, which later can be used to purchase the FOU's. each crypto-ATM's pool will give away 2% out of its total revenue from the commissions of the transactions to the FOU holders.

  3. What is the total number of TRIL tokens that will be circulating eventually?

    It's hard to know the exact number since the ETH/USD pair value is constantly changing and our hard cap is defined by the USD (20,000,000 USD), while the number of tokens generated is defined by the number of ETH contributed during the token sale (1 ETH = 800 TRIL), and since we give extra TRIL tokens as bonuses for early birds that participated in the private pre-sale. BUT as a rough estimation we can say that we expect about ~45,000,000 TRIL tokens to be generated eventually (after the token sale will be done, the number of TRIL tokens circulating will stay the same forever).

  4. How much TRIL tokens do I need to buy during the token sale in order to be able to buy later on enough FOU's to have a whole ATM out of some ATM's pool?

    The TRIL token value is fixed to the ETH value during the token sale. Every 1 ETH contributed to the token sale, will credit you with 800 TRIL tokens (During the private pre-sale some bonuses may apply too). An ATM's value is estimated at about 10,000$, which will be divided into 100 FOU's. so, the FOU expected value should be about 100$. The exact number of TRIL tokens that are required in order to buy 1 FOU will be determined by the value of the TRIL token comparing to the USD, this value will be determined by the exchanges that will be trading the TRIL token, or in other words – by the natural forces of the market – supply and demand.

  5. What are the expected fees on Trilliant's ATM's?

    The initial fee will be 7%, while 2% goes to the FOU owner, and the rest 5% goes to Trilliant, for maintenance of the ATM, for renting the ATM's location, for salaries to the teams that will be managing the machines (supplying cash etc.) this fee may change a bit accordingly to the market status and to the pool's location. We will always make sure we stay competitive in the market.

  6. Does the FOU Revenue calculated before any deductions for operating expenditure (opex), capital expenditure (capex), other G&A costs or taxes?

    FOU Returns are relating to the gross 2%. So the operating costs will be deducted from Trilliant´s remaining fee, but not from the 2%. The FOU owners is then responsible to pay his personal taxes on his 2% payout.

  7. So how much will I earn if I'm owning enough FOU's to cover 1 ATM?

    Every month you will get 2% out of an ATM's revenue without doing anything! great passive income that is directly corelated to the market's VOLUME rather than VALUE. (the revenue out of every pool of ATM's will be averaged, so all ATM's from the same pool considered to be the same).

  8. What distinguishes Trilliant ATM's?

    Trilliant's ATM will have a very fast and efficient KYC procedure, a 2-way cash system that allows you to buy or sale cryptocurrencies, our ATM's will be connected to the major exchanges, this way we will offer a lot of the coins out there, not just top 3 like the competitor's, our ATM can print paper wallets and allow to participate in ICOs directly from the terminal. most importantly – the Trilliant project will establish pools of ATM's, that way anyone can participate in the business.

  9. How will I be getting my monthly payment if I own some FOU's?

    We will allow to choose getting the payment by the TRIL token, or even by fiat money such as EURO or USD. Choosing to receive the payment by fiat money is a great way to liquidate funds from the cryptocurrencies space, into fiat.

  10. Can I participate in the token sale using other paying method but ETH?

    During the private pre-sale stage, we accept ETH / LTC / BTC / BCH / ZEN and EURO. During the main sale, currently it looks like we will be accepting ETH only, but we are checking the possibility to accept other paying methods as well.

  11. When will I get the TRIL tokens I bought during the token sale?

    After you have sent the ETH to the smart contract address, your TRIL tokens balance will appear on your account on the trilliant website. Once the token sale will be over, you will get your TRIL tokens to the address you specified while signing up to participate in the token sale.

  12. How much FOU's will be available for sale once a pool of ATM's will be established?

    Since every ATM that will be placed out there in the real world will be divided into 100 FOU's, the number of FOU's we will offer for sale will be the number of ATM's up and running X 100. So let's say the first ATM's pool will be made out of 50 ATM's located in Berlin, once they will be up and running we will offer for sale 5000 "BerlinFOU's" on our website.

  13. Will I be able to re-sell the FOU's I own?

    Yes, we will offer the opportunity to sell the FOU's you own to the highest bidder, kind of like a small exchange on our website with it's on supply and demand for FOU's. we are also considering tokenizing the FOU's so they could be traded on the popular exchanges.

  14. Can I buy some FOUs with fiat money such as USD or EURO without having to buy the TRIL tokens first?

    Yes you can, but please keep in mind that we will prioritize buyers that will be using the TRIL tokens, so if the demand for the FOU's will be high once it is offered for sale, we cannot guarantee you will succeed buying some using fiat money.

  15. Your white paper says that some of the ongoing Trilliant's profits will be reinvested in new ATMs, will profit from these new ATM’s be allocated to the FOU's on the same terms as the original ATMs?

    New ATMs will release new FOU contracts. As we pool them quarterly, the revenues of the new ATMs will only be distributed among these new quarterly FOUs. The older FOUs will not profit from the new ATMs revenues.

  16. Is there a limit on the life of the FOU? i.e. will the FOU’s continue to generate returns for the holders in perpetuity assuming there is underlying revenue from the AMTs?

    There is no direct limit on the lifespan of an FOU. However, as the FOUs are related to their quarterly pool of ATM revenues (i.e. all ATMs releases in Q4, 2018), the returns for each FOU might eventually decrease when machines break down after some years. Should machines break down within the first five years, Trilliant will look for a way to replace them.

  17. What happens if there is a take-over of the Trilliant business - will the FOUs continue to be paid their returns?

    The FOUs are contracts made between Crypto Capital AG and the FOU holder. If the company would be taken over, the contracts will remain valid.

  18. What happens if Trilliant sells the ATMs? Will the FOUs get a share of the disposal proceeds?

    There are two types of machines, those that Trilliant operates and forwards 2% to FOU owners - We cannot simply sell these machines, as we are contractually bound to our FOU investors. And the second type of machines are ones we fully sell to third-party operators. These operators agree with Trilliant to forward 2% of their revenue to Trilliant, of which Trilliant forwards 1% to FOU holders. Their contract with Trilliant will state that the 1% to FOU holders is not negotiable, even if they sell their machines.

  19. What is the mechanism for paying the return to the FOUs

    FOUs are paper contracts. So when we sign one of these contracts with an FOU investor, he will declare to us in which currency (crypto or fiat) he wants to receive his pay-outs. Btw: the FOU investors will have to undergo an extra KYC when signing these contracts.

  20. If the underlying Trilliant business becomes insolvent, will the holders of the FOUs be entitled to any proceeds from winding up the business? 

    No, FOU holders are solely entitled to 2% revenue share of a specific ATM's pool.

  21. Will Trilliant be taking on any third-party debt to fund the business?

    We are looking to raise enough money through our Token Sale to be able to not rely on debt financing.

  22. Will Trilliant be undertaking any M&A to gain market access got the ATMs?

    Depends. We are currently not considering it, but only time can tell. We rather are looking to partnering with network operators abroad by selling them our machines and charging them a fee, instead of M&A-ing with them.

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